Taizo Hori
Character information
Name Taizo Hori
Sex Male
Species Human

Taizo Hori (ホリ・タイゾウ Hori Taizō), originally known as simply Dig Dug, is the protagonist of the Dig Dug video game series, and a major character in the Mr. Driller spin-off series. He is the chairman of the Driller Council and the founder of Team Star Trigon, and is also a member of the United Galaxy Space Force organization. Originally married to Masuyo Tobi, the protagonist of Namco's Baraduke, he would since divorce with her, but not before having three sons - Taiyo Tobi, Ataru Hori and Susumu Hori, the last of which would become the main protagonist of the Mr. Driller series.


Dig DugEdit

Wreck-It RalphEdit

Dig Dug appeared with Frogger at the scene where Wreck-It Ralph walks through Game Central Station after finishing his session with Bad-Anon. Pooka and Fygar appear later.


Dig Dug has fair skin and wears a white and blue helmet with red studs on the sides. On his suit is a red arrow pointing down. He wears blue gloves and boots. He is still seen with his drill.

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