Black Dig Dug
In-game sprite.
Character information
Name Black Dig Dug
Species Human

Black Dig Dug (ブラックディグダグ) is an enemy in Dig Dug Arrangement. He is an evil clone of Taizo Hori.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be an evil clone of Taizo Hori with purple armor and a red horn on his helmet. His drill is also green instead of red.

Attacks Edit

He has the same abilities as Taizo, including a same device like Taizo's Harpoon-Drill. He can dig in any direction, and if he sees the real Taizo, he'll shoot his drill at him and pump him until he pops. If Taizo shoots his Harpoon-Drill before Black Dig Dug does, a button appears above them pushing at each other to get through him.

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